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the accident did not take place

with YESYESNONO, UK Tour 2019-2020 & Pleasance Associate Company 2019

Total Theatre Award 2019 Shortlist – Innovation/Experimentation Category

With a new guest performer taking to the stage each night, the accident did not take place is a hyperreal exploration of the way we consume information, and the way information consumes us. A frenetic, head-on collision with a world thoroughly mediated by screens, a world possessed with post-truth hysteria, a world yearning for contact with those who seem so far away.

YESYESNONO is an experimental theatre company that makes work exploring what connection might look like in a digital world. Their shows are generally devised and involve audience participation. This piece was devised with the company, in which Hannah worked as Associate Director. 

Push Festival 2019

An annual celebration of North-West talent at HOME, Manchester.
Supporting/associate director for HOME commissions for Push Festival 2019.

These pieces were:
Dance Away the Spiders – a physical piece that explores trauma, and resistance. Unlike most refugee narratives, this is not a grime story, as it seeks a way out and liberation.
Learning to Swim on an Ironing Board – A show from company Indoors Too Much about “getting better and not getting better” from disabled spoken word artist Conor A
Cuts of the Cloth – Evoking the dystopian feel of A Handmaid’s Tale and 1984Cuts of the Cloth is a disturbing portrayal of a Muslim woman caught in the net of the ‘war on terror’. Performed and written by Hafsah Bashir, from Outside the Frame Arts.

Assistant Directing

The Maids by Jean Genet, dir. Lily Sykes
HOME, Manchester, 2018

Submission by Michel Houllebecq dir. Teunkie van der Sluijs
FRANCE NOW Festival, Manchester, 2018

Sparkplug by David Judge, dir. Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder
UK Tour with Box of Tricks, 2019

The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde, dir. Suba Das
Bolton Octagon, Bolton Albert Halls, 2019

Credit: “Life Forces” by Tin&Ed, 2021, Our Time on Earth – Barbican Centre

Creative Learning and Participation

Our Time on Earth Schools Programme for the Barbican Centre 2022
You can find the digital resources for this project here.
– Artist Mentor for the Barbican Box Project, making devised theatre with young people using a box of objects curated by artists. Students aged 12-18. Manchester 2019 (Slung Low), and London 2020 (Hunt & Darton)
– Assistant Facilitator for The Dream Collector, with HOME Engagement and Community Arts Northwest, 2018-2019
– Mentor for Arts Emergency 2020
– Creative Buddy and Assistant Facilitator at Clean Break 2020

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